The Dark Glassesからの英文です。

"And attempted to forge the will?" I said.
She stopped. "What are you saying?"
"Does he admit that he tried to forge his mother's will?"
"I haven't mentioned anything about a will."
"Oh, I thought you had."
"But, in fact, that was his sister's accusation. What made you say that? How did you know?"
"I must be psychic, I said."
She took my arm. I had become a most endearing case history.
"You must be psychic indeed," she said. "You must tell me more about yourself. Well, that's the story of my taking up my present profession. When my husband started having these delusions and making these confessions I felt I had to understand the workings of the mind. And I began to study them. It has been fruitful. It has saved my own reason."
"Did it ever occur to you that the sister's story might be true?" I said. "Especially as he admits it."
She took away her arm and said, "Yes, I considered the possibility. I must admit I considered it well.
She saw me watching her face. She looked as if she were pleading some personal excuse.
"Oh do," she said, "please take off those glasses."
"Why don't you believe his own confession?"
"I'm a psychiatrist and we seldom believe confessions."
She looked at her watch as if to suggest I had started the whole conversation and was boring her.
I said, "He might have stopped seeing eyes if you'd taken him at his word."
She shouted, "What are you saying? What are you thinking of? He wanted to give a statement to the police, do you realize...."
"You know he's guilty," I said.
"As his wife," she said, "I know he's guilty. But as a psychiatrist I must regard him as innocent. That's why I took up the subject." She suddenly turned angry and shouted, "You damned inquisitor, I've met your type before."
I could hardly believe she was shouting, who previously had been so calm. "Oh, it's not my business," I said, and took off my glasses to show willing.
I think it was then she recognized me.

Muriel SparkのThe Dark Glassesからの英文です。
過去の回想シーンから現代に戻って、主人公とDr Grayが湖のまわりを一緒に歩きながら話している場面です。



As his wife," she said, I know he's guilty. But as a psychiatrist I must regard him as innocent.
というDr Grayのセリフがあるのですが、


Then there was an accident, one of those psychological accidents. She was a trained dispenser, but she mixed herself the wrong eye-drops. Now it's very difficult to make a mistake like that, normally. But subconsciously she wanted to, she wanted to. But she wasn't normal, she was not normal."

結局つまり、姉の点眼薬を別の劇薬にすり替えたのは弟(Dr Grayの夫)だったのか。




I had my glasses on again, and was walking on.
"How did your husband react to his sister's accusations?"
I said.
"He was remarkably kind."
"Oh, yes, in the circumstances. Because she started up a lot of gossip in the neighbourhood. It was only a small town. It was a long time before I could persuade him to send her to a home for the blind where she could be looked after. There was a terrible bond between them. Unconscious incest."
"Didn't you know that when you married him? I should have thought it would have been obvious."
She looked at me again. "I had not studied psychology at that time," she said.
I thought, neither had I.
We were silent for the third turn about the lake. Then she said, "Well, I was telling you how I came to study psychology and practise it. My husband had this breakdown after his sister went away. He had delusions. He kept imagining he saw eyes looking at him everywhere. He still sees them from time to time. But eyes, you see. That's significant. Unconsciously he felt he had blinded his sister. Because unconsciously he wanted to do so. He keeps confessing that he did so."


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